Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Infection Post Removal 3 Months

Eiiiiigentlich .... or the perfect rabbit leg, 0)

Yes, eiiiigentlich I wanted something completely different post, such as holding Ábær sometimes so is it 1 and 2 differently than one thinks. Well then, if I ask you today, even the little "Miss J. Hopplin" before. From handgetünchtem Stoppelmohairchen and loooong Baucheinsatzmohairfellchen. flätzig There she lies lazily in the sun and says her life to have my plans thwarted sent. So the little girls are holding. (And apparently it works quite well in Bunny Girl excellent. , 0)
The carrots I could just still save a necklace, the others are already weggeknabbert. But who can resist those eyes already?
And here she sits with gaaaanz unschüldiglich "Möhrlin. (The dwarf grad ma 14 cm tall hats and even sly ears .... With handgesculpter nose and facial hair ... but to another time ... more
And finally, so you can also sense why the title ... "the perfect rabbit leg" means let it be said quickly to explain that I have always had my hands full with rabbit legs. Either too long, too short, too UNHAS. But now I'm really happy. (Vorerst!?)
Wishing you ne nice week!
"Oh Lord want you by me in mercedes benz ..." , 0)


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