Monday, February 7, 2011

Difference Betweencystitis

* * * * * * Spring Awakening

Or at least a little of it. (At least in the house.) I'm in the moment something in collagen fever (. But unfortunately, the time standard does not improve, so today only schnellefix 3 images)
Yes, And this is when the spirit that begins and then during the practical work with the hands, the idea is gone again .... whoosh! (The rose is needle-felted, the forget-me-not and the ribbons are hand-colored.)

And that was the first collage! (Hmm, I'd but the upward translated to?) No matter, you look so anyway.
I need you (very bärsonders! My regular readers Warmers!) Times a virtual, big fat * Schmatz * Send for your loyalty! That's not a matter of course that you've been waiting soooo long for me! And I'm looking forward desderwegen the total list is not shrinking. You are really great!
hugged you feel sooo much! DANKESCHÖÖÖN! , 0)

Addendum: Please note not the dirty mirror. My Gottchen he looks so! Go clean now. , 0)


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