Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recurring Itchy Blisters

Puh done!

Back from the dentist, with everything what belongs to: gasping, sweating, heart racing .... But maybe I'm never idle lines (or is it?) And took you to quickly snapped some pictures.
After the flood package treasures I had NEN small creative Flash.
And that has come out of it. Like you?
Wishing you a great Thursday and Glitzerknooootschys! , 0)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philips Steame Cooker

gifts of little elves

Soooo your loved ones! Here is the mysterious package revealed .... I was sooo "flashed," could not unpack everything at once ....
treasures of treasures I have to light may promote ...
sooooowas Everything is wonderful from the real words fail me!

Stöffchenzauber, paper treasures, Glitter, Glöcklich, Knöpflich .... It even has not stopped! Did I also thanked quite bärsönlich but once again because I can not believe it still can: "My very favorite Zaubärelfchen I thank you wholeheartedly for the treasures and wonderful treasures I was kind overwhelmed and still am big fat neverending Knooootschy! SCHMATZ !!!!! * *, 0)

And then there was a 2 mega-ter at surprisingly treasure fluttered into the house ...." What's that? "Studio of Fine mhhhh things ... that is surely only be of Sylvie."
too you my dear little Swapelfe! 1000 thanks for the Übäraschungspost. This I had expected not so. Everything is quite magical and I was really cut from the stool! Big fat Knoootschy to you! And I will avenge me ... When did you birthday? * Wink *, 0)
lovelies are really the absolute OBÄRKNALLER! I'll press again sooo fast to my little heart! 'm Still quite finished ... (in a positive sense of course!)
Oh when I will next year have liked (again / again?) 18!
Wishing you all a wicked nice glitter week! , 0)
Let there you go!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whatwould Pokemon Look Like With Genitals

That is soooo mean!

I've got a package today with sooooo many Zaubärschätzen BUT! I may not open! * * Schmollllll BECAUSE it's a birthday package and I 1: the order of the world's sweetest of all dispatcher (bee) I open it until the right day! And
2: Man of the House has pointed to previously forbidden me a look. Now I sit here and have another 6! loooong days to wait. Is not mental cruelty? If you can sue for it ????? Where do I send the written complaints,? Here is the object of desire! Menno * * Habs now times out of self-protection reasons some housed outside of my sight and reach. Is actually no different, "DA do nothing!" * Grin *
But at least I can make you a little "eyes pleasure" I hope! They are wood particles from yesterday, still have a few left, ma look what am I doing out there ...
and you dear bee today even a big, fat, glitzeriches, elfenpulvriges thank you !!!!! Can expect not so real! (But that have determined over the phone or have noticed?) Oh I hope so sooooo much for you that your internet is working again soon! You have sooo many treasures gezaubärt determined again!
And their loved ones out there: Please never send a package from Spain maybe ADVANCE, so that the poor recipient is eternal anguish felt exposed! , 0)
Knooootschys to you all! , 0)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sacramento Ca Parotidectomy

Glitter Tuesday

Yesterday and today I quickly designed a new Cupcakechen and beglitzert. A coconut-strawberry-cream Ling! Did the lower part a bit undervalued, so that the peak Ling nearly 12 cm in diameter. * * SHREEEK But what the heck, there were also great cakes. , 0) The wood particles I quickly cut yesterday and now whitewashed. Let's see here as I proceed further, so ne good idea I still do not need. But in any case I will beglitzern also because without the glitter is indeed nothing!
Wishing you a great Tuesday Glitter glitzerichen lovelies out there!
And let you smooch times gaaaanz doll from me for the sugar-sweet comments!! , 0)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Indian Women Bobs Seen

pain to let

The Monday could have been so good, if, indeed if it had not been there the malice, which the left hand does not know what the right one. (So much for multitasking!) But apparently I can net ... Well, the fingernail on the left index finger is now on (-cut). Maybe you should if you Japanese? Knives used here are watching as japanese? So when I cook and Czech Czech kuck it turned out, it whatsoever. The knife I've decided, will now be cursed existence periods in the drawer! Because that is strange indeed: that is now for the 2-second time on the same finger! within 2! Weeks happened .... mysterious! (And is continually repeated 2 ..... hmmmmmm)
Sun gehandycapt (you spell that right?) And only working with 9 fingers there is only one way to add to "Tippfähler are Apsicht and should help to aalgemeinen Erheiterrrung."
Wishing you beautiful ne, injury-free week.
DI; 0)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Vodafone Prepaid Sim Cost India

Funny Friday (Halloween Tutorial)

thought I'd get done what I want to share with you for your Halloweendeko. Go to conjure all flitzeflink! , 0)
So you need: (per broom)
one about finger thickness road (mine is about 16 cm)
thin twigs (to about 15 cm aborted)
hot glue gun (+ glue sticks)
packing tape (with us here, this also means "Wurschtbändel)
wire for hanging
go And you'll be on going on: you break the branch off to the desired length, and the little twig I left for different lengths. Now I'm stuck at the end of the branch always NEN drop of hot glue from down the broken branches on it. I made this turn. Finally, install more than fixing the "Wurschtbändel" with hot glue at the end of branches, create a tag, wire and install "FERDICH!
had great fun and the kids are busy times for a short time.
Wishing you n supischönes, creative weekend and tinkers hard. Am quite curious about the witches broom.
, 0)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kookaburra Graphite Bats

pseudonym: "Ludmilla frost swelling", 0)

Today is indeed time for another gaaar nothing wrong with me! Do not know to what that is, perhaps from the cold? I'll tell you something. Did you know that my name with 2 names actually "Ludmilla frost swelling"? Really, this is no joke.
I am sooooo bad ne frostbite! And this is always the case! Even in the summer! So you can imagine that perhaps the climate is absolutely nothing for me!

But I've at least made some new and Figuratively new (partly self-created) Brushes tried.
Wishing you a great Wednesday and sooo many Zitterrrrrknoooootscherlich!
, 0)