Friday, October 15, 2010

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Funny Friday (Halloween Tutorial)

thought I'd get done what I want to share with you for your Halloweendeko. Go to conjure all flitzeflink! , 0)
So you need: (per broom)
one about finger thickness road (mine is about 16 cm)
thin twigs (to about 15 cm aborted)
hot glue gun (+ glue sticks)
packing tape (with us here, this also means "Wurschtbändel)
wire for hanging
go And you'll be on going on: you break the branch off to the desired length, and the little twig I left for different lengths. Now I'm stuck at the end of the branch always NEN drop of hot glue from down the broken branches on it. I made this turn. Finally, install more than fixing the "Wurschtbändel" with hot glue at the end of branches, create a tag, wire and install "FERDICH!
had great fun and the kids are busy times for a short time.
Wishing you n supischönes, creative weekend and tinkers hard. Am quite curious about the witches broom.
, 0)


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