Friday, December 31, 2010

What Is Period For Waxing Of Legs

Blumengruß 2010 ...

the Miniphaelinopsis me to enjoy my kitchen window ... they bloom the second time this year, one has 5 blossoms and other flowers 4 ...

on the right flowers below we look us especially since it has been 4 years only as a foliage plant stood there and I'm treated very neglected .. I wanted to dispose more time ...
now I wish you a good Happy 2011 , Health , happiness, joy , love and creativity accompany you to ...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is It Necessary To Take The White Levlen Tablets

is from 12/22/2010 to 12/31/2010 Stick it to all files in my store 20% Christmas discount.
your LG Heike

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prolapsed Womb During Pregnancy

draw + farewell

Dear friends! The draw is completed. Killed to make very briefly: The winner is comment number: 4 of "Biwubär! My heartiest congratulations my dear need quickly your mailing address so that it arrives before Christmas to you. , 0) And then there still a novelty. "Teddy's creative" In the latest edition of a section of mine;
Soooo here and now probably the last show you what I will, my hand-felted flowers with a built-glitter. (For this I've used for 1 week ...)

the blue I thought to myself, actually the sound NEN wanted to sew, but I'm unfortunately nothing more.
As demanded so much from me this year has a lot has changed and I have less and less time I take my leave of you here first. The blog is (for now?) Persist, but as I said I'm pretty exhausted. It has changed so much ...
My husband was shocked when I told him I would give up the blog, (and sew the bear) but unfortunately it is no different. Perhaps it is better (in the next year?) I do not know ...
I thank all of you for your comments, visits and support. Each one was beautiful to read. I wish you a merry Christmas and all the best, happiness and health in the new year.
your Tues

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vista Laptop O2 Dongle Ad Hoc Network


... starting tonight in my shop ...
LG Heike

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is There Any Volleyball Game

12% only a few hours ....

... who wants to secure also includes the "animal Buntige Christmas" at a reduced price, which is here still look fast.
morning they are back to have the normal price.
Have a nice second Advent to

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frostbite Baby Cheeks

2 day project

a shiny new Schmuckyteilchen! Last night started and just finished.
with hand-sewn satin roses, beads, scraps of paper, antique Spitzchen, hangefärbten ribbons and flowers of the sweet old flea market.
The pictures I've worked with various programs, wanted to try it once and I think that brings FUN! Total!
The Inner life is pimped! I have not only the cover, but also the soil as "pin cushion" worked. So to say such a "Nichtnurhübschanzusehensondernauchnadelkissenbox"
Soooo here again an interior picture. (That it does believe me! Gell?)
your loved ones, I wish you still ne fine rest week and not soooo much snow as us! Come out of the shovels do not get out ...
Knoooootschys! , 0)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cytosport Muscle Milk Or Optimum Whey 100%

Yummy Yummy guy and girl

have as of Wednesday evening:
My new embroidery file for the 13 x 18 Frame: TASTY
applications: Candy Cane Button, button tasty guy deeply in love ... with balloons, Border: Yummy fellow babies, the baking sheet 4-replace the heart, cookies, and fellow ... to a small nice guy for the 10 frame and a fellow 18er Lecker Appli ... as well as 3-in-the-Hoop Files: nice fellow supporters in round, tasty little fellow-man and his delicious lady.
Here's a small preview images for you ...
to chewing the sweets!

LG Heike

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why Alexis Texas Dont Do Black

sneak Peeekse Flohstöbärn

I luv you so smooth denied what treasures I daletzt fell into his hands. They are for me the full "childhood memory flowers". and had no doubt that that, even a nostalgic feeling really entrust to me when I saw them! (Too bad that the nice ladies are not even in light blue had ....)
Here's a little sneak peak le which I am struggling at the moment totals; (Had already discussed today by phone . must * hehe *)

And here are the other Kindheitsblümlich; The zaubärhaft are sooooo soft and the beige-colored look like velvet. So light hair; All love!
Well, I'll blog a week, probably not, but when it's time permits and I won my fight I sign up again. (And I win, too!)
Until then, you all have a good time! Push you!
Tue; 0)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Invitation Wording For Friends

of continuous rain ....

Like the weather, the mood .... The rain gets on his nerves! And the cold too! But at least my (yard) now roof tight. After the craftsman now 2 times to rework were there, and I still x 3! I called because purely has rained I am holding on to the roof to swing himself graziel.
Did the acrylic cylinder and the dilution cloth (must indeed be all fat free!), Swing my body the radiator from the tiny bathroom window and squeeze reach "Grätsch step" on the cross bars at the end of the roof. Was a feat because I would have made nearly a knot in the legs;
But now everything is so far tight! (Thanks be to heaven!) And I have no drip pans under the NEW! make homemade roof! Something tells me holding back the real one "should make his own crap!" Which, unfortunately, unfortunately, I've found: "If you rely on others is usually left."
Hope raining with you anywhere you are in and bessre mood when I ...
; 0 (
Addendum: The roof was apparently only temporarily sealed, at least I had this afternoon but again the pot drip catcher trying mmmmpppff ...*! * (may also be that the condensation is now, who knows so exactly ...) and you want to be staff look busy ...
Well, and I also quoted by the Milady Umbrella "was used 3 times, although I thought the umbrellas were made for rainy weather, she has also given up the ghost. But this is still not enough, NO! That would be far too little for my already damaged nerves eh! At home I have dared to quite lousy mood as "Lord of light and to switch to actuate, and BLING! the bulb has given up the ghost. But the strange thing is, this happens to me constantly, and if I'm not grad high spirits and will give the turn on the light bulbs on the mind. That is (was) too many times just to be "random" ....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brazilian Waxing Yeast Infection

* * * BLOG - CANDY * * * * * * Blog Candy

It's today: "TRRRRRROOOMMMMELWIIIIRRRRBELLL!" The promised blog candy for my readers reached 100! (You guys are the bomb!) Anyone willing to help should not hesitate to the "Blog Candy Button" stick to his blog and leave a comment.

If you want to link me would be very zaubärhaft of you!
time I have only small "sneak Peeekse" made, as I lay purely determined by and by even one or the other with more honey. Is to say that this is only the beginning. , 0)
Color-I (I hope) for everyone what;! Purple, pink, blue, white ...
Sewing, Porzellanchen,
Gläsernes, my stash,
Spitzchen old, dear old bird of all cards ...
Now I express to you all on the thumb and 15:12:10 then passes the draw. (Then you have indeed "quasi as" even more like a Weihnachtsgeschenkchen under the fir is the only for you!)
Sun talked enough! Wishing you all viiiiel fun and you press your fingers crossed! Eure Tue; 0)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

τεστ Hiv After 7 Weeks

Vorbäreitungen * * *

your loved ones is the day! 100 readers! I can believe not that right ...
promised as there yes then a new candy and I will if the elf has gone into the bedroom once buzzing through the house and take a few treasures for you together. Once I have everything and the lights will is are some pictures. I wish all knooootsch gaaaaanz fixed times! DI; 0)

ps your like me, but should also write what you like If you had, then is mal ne andre Candy variant.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gallbladder And Hair Loss

sprint my friends

your sweet, yet a READER LING and there is a new BLOG CANDY!
Juhu I am sooooo!
I think it's wonderful so many lovely to have found a warm and romantic souls in you. People who love the same things as me, a little "girl" remained. Had thought often about the sense and nonsense of blogging, my blog was already clear close frequently.
you give me the incentive to try new things, it inspires me, it makes my by your heart nice comments when I had a really bad day. You guys are wonderful and the Blogging is an integral part of my life has become. Would you like to press all time "in person"!
Looking forward to any comments and new readers. It's incredible how things have developed. Would have never thought possible.
times you feel really big geknoootsch and hugged and all is as you are!
I love you all! For what you do as you write, as you commented. Your sacrifice for this indeed a piece of valuable time and for me that is something special!
!!!!! Wishing you a great weekend and absolutely many Danksagungsknoootschys Tues
, 0)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trimethoprim How Long Before It Works

* * * * * * SnOw Pearly

Well, who are you? And above all, what are you doing here? Did you fall from the sky? said after cautious overtures to me hot it "Snowpearly" and would be looking for a suitable resting place.
In case they found it not so sparkling, ambitious posh sends to the many needles.
(Another quick intermediate host, specially made in pose;)
(Ooops this is not a bear!)
Hmmm, was on the glass and not that great, but finally it has found a place!
"Jaaaa here it is sooo nice gemüüühhhhtlich!" "I probably still remain a tiny bit."
Wishing you all the cuddly ne rest week (for now but still no snow! Though!) And all the best!
, 0)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hairy Bottomless Woman

ornaments and nearly 100 legibly!

I'm so, hab grad and I've already seen almost 100 readers, and with 100 indicating yes again BLOG CANDY!
And then I want to show my hand still veeery quickly sawed ornaments. The thought I had to Türverschönern ... The purse is a bit "older" ... But it fit so nicely grad.
Wishing you right now what has to look for the "boss".