Monday, February 28, 2011

Mosin-nagant Blueprints


I just so boring! Barren something ...
ask me but what in . FormSpring (I have fact again ).....

Come on ... I am at your disposal ... höhö

Average Ballet Dancer Bmi


Wisdom Teeth Infection Post Removal 3 Months

Eiiiiigentlich .... or the perfect rabbit leg, 0)

Yes, eiiiigentlich I wanted something completely different post, such as holding Ábær sometimes so is it 1 and 2 differently than one thinks. Well then, if I ask you today, even the little "Miss J. Hopplin" before. From handgetünchtem Stoppelmohairchen and loooong Baucheinsatzmohairfellchen. flätzig There she lies lazily in the sun and says her life to have my plans thwarted sent. So the little girls are holding. (And apparently it works quite well in Bunny Girl excellent. , 0)
The carrots I could just still save a necklace, the others are already weggeknabbert. But who can resist those eyes already?
And here she sits with gaaaanz unschüldiglich "Möhrlin. (The dwarf grad ma 14 cm tall hats and even sly ears .... With handgesculpter nose and facial hair ... but to another time ... more
And finally, so you can also sense why the title ... "the perfect rabbit leg" means let it be said quickly to explain that I have always had my hands full with rabbit legs. Either too long, too short, too UNHAS. But now I'm really happy. (Vorerst!?)
Wishing you ne nice week!
"Oh Lord want you by me in mercedes benz ..." , 0)

Pregnancy Cramping Disappeared


Not everything but I do find some easy looks and outfits just awesome from it. How do you deal with the colors just great. She does what so few other women who would never. And that's what I really like her .... she dares, she is wearing and it looks gorgeous from ....
And it fits her like chalk and cheese ..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miosotisbirthday Cake

It is finished ...

my dearest Heart Quilt is not a UFO more ...

it a real cozy quilt has become ... for inside I have taken the fleece, which I had last year in the Überrraschungspaket of Hobby Hoekje ... it was just Passig and for back I have a fleece blanket used ...

I'm happy I can I now including by new patchwork projects dream ...

of heart I wish you a beautiful magical start to the new week ... and all patients well soon ...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Extraction Of Esssential Oils From Aniseeeds

your chance

Hello love her!
This post will serve to ensure that all your questions you always wanted to put me here to ask! No matter what question to ask, I will just start to answer with certainty everything. For me it is important to answer your question but sometimes lose some. So now I give you the chance to ask me some things. I'm curious what you think of everything. The action I will definitely do that more often times ...

Come on get to work!

Until then

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Title Of 21st Birthday

Netteschabernack ...

sure you're thinking, that's misspelled ... But no, the Cute is a small river which rises in Herrhausen and already 5 km often much damage has done ...
1999 has a small community theater group that name "Netteschabernack " ... if I was mean with all your heart, on the boards of the world, here ... we have organized Sketch evenings and they were always sold out ... since 2007 there is no longer the group ...

here you can find me on marvel sketches ...

advertising in own behalf was allowed ... the quick costume changes behind the stage was always a gaudi ...

we always had three or four different themes, eg. pub, which matched the sketches ...

we were booked for private parties , as in the middle photo ... it has made us all a lot of fun ...

I wish now in the vastness of the WWW a magic nice weekend ...

Mens Brazilian Wax Story

The pink is my favorite color is not a secret anymore. Inspired by my favorite Muse (knoootschys!) I yesterday quickly a (Shoe) Kartönchen pimped.
It is now the little creatures that I once started but never finished've got. So they at least have a good home and I feeling guilty.
Wishing you a great sunny day and a creative WE!
, 0)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Genital Waxing For Men Uncensored

ornamentation the 2-th

yeah, I can blog again! So almost a week without a PC, mmmhhhh is somehow, well that is not. But now I'm back, and virus free. 'd Really know who ma so nen Mist is always ..... Abääär! I used the time wisely and show you all today flitzeschnell the newly gepimte Holzkästle.
And bärsonderen request by Gabriele (* knoootschy *) this time also the original state before the Beornamentung.
(Sorry the photo is Miess genuine, but I think it can be hinted at ...)
And because it was beautiful I'm still the case and brushed hergenommen same for the finished castings.
Plane I, meanwhile, indeed already busy, a new major project for which I must vorgießen lot;
Wishing you ne nice sunny week and include: (JUHUUUU! 2 new legibly have in my brief viruses of absence! .! registered Soooo looking forward to)
War (also on insects busily sewing up "Nimuuuhe" I've already mentioned;. then came "Möhrlin" and another "Stoppelhopser" grad and I am designing on New cut ... ma see how far I get today.)
Ornamentenknoootschys! , 0)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Avarage Day Care Price Miami

= Happy Birthday Gift

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Birthday I have of my father (who anyway a technique freak) a laptop get paid as already mentioned. I had my time is unfortunately broke down but he was actually always a little scrap heap hihi. Despite all I've liked him and would not give him more but at some point the time has come. A laptop is my second time in my life companion, he accompanied me at least 5 hours a day and this is quite a lot. A life without a Lappi I can not imagine and her? Now I have a MSI and I'm damn glad to have one again so I can surf comfortably on the sofa in the vast WWW. My other gifts I will show you by and by. Until tomorrow dear ones I sweeten the evening with a some how i met your mother follow. We listen to each other ... Watch Yourself!

Free Brett Corriganmovies

today's outfit

shell: C & A / cardigan: Noname / Scarf: New York / Shoes: Noname

difficult each time to seek out clothes from the many clothes boxes. Slowly, I've been really tired but goes Physiologically I still can not move but better so I have the boxes to unpack again and again or it is something else more important in between;) So boring outfit without jewelry without the hair to come or other höhö . From next week it will hopefully . Change A while ago I was shopping with my dearest einwenig and then I found a wonderful summer shoes in a shop Noname. Hey can I get more and more like about Noname stores. I do not have to depend finds some bad things with no marks in the wardrobe. I think even so everyone gets a certain note and wardrobe Noname things are still difficult to combine well as designer clothes which look eh always fabulous. Sure! I sometimes buy a bag that costs over 100 € ne yet so some combination of all, I find it particularly great. Ashamed I think you also need not change. I stand by my money that I sometimes spend for something else than clothes;) Hey Girl's life consists not only of Fashion .......

Cervix In Early Pregnancy Position Feel

I Do

The only song gives me spring fever in the moment''I Do''I heard the song on my favorite radio station BigFM the first time and immediately wanted to know his name. He can put up with me the last cold winter days.

Delete History From Dvr On Direct Tv

mirror question

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Many have asked where the mirror is so I will answer you question you of course!
No he is not of DM but by buying land:) in the Department Nonfoodabteilung talk junk. Would not have thought that because I find my dream mirror höhö.
He has cost two euros It also gave him a heart saying, the mirror had a heart shape but to me it was too cheesy:) By the way, he was the blue boxes in the middle of the course is called also 1 € Wülkisten. Sodelle I hope you know now modest all and understands what I mean;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use Hp 56 Instead Of 54

Mini Cosmetics shopping

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Today I have me a few little things I bought at DM and I also bought my long-awaited mirror, I was forever on the search for such a. The dark blue eyeliner I found right away was awesome tested it and was immediately blown away. I am so totally in bright colors for so a few highlights are simply a part. The artificial eyelashes I need for Mardi Gras and have chosen a simple black. And of course what can not fail because I am DM for each visit with a lipstick this time I have struck again. Otherwise, today I did not do much school and my mother visited as looked my current daily routine. The crates are still scattered throughout the house and I hope I will feel better soon then I can give full throttle in the apartment. Now I'm just a comfortable with my loved ones and then I let myself fall into my bed. By the morning, but hopefully with an outfit post. Bye your Lisa ..

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Clear Discharge With Streaks Of Blood

H & M Stuff

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

was sheer boredom, frustration and permanently cold I by browsed since long time the H & M Online Shop. It is frightening to me at the moment not very many things like this for H & M fever is on my long gone. Nevertheless, I have found four things that I ordered. The chain and the rings are from the current sale ... For my favorite I've found something and I must say and must be ellen ''I like the men Clothes a lot more'' I've done no more H & M visit, and then just little things but big shopping purchases I will probably operate in other stores. What I ziehmlich on which I did not go is the one in two with the same jacket, bag etc. running around. With the worst that can happen to us women next to you is go / one that has exactly the same dress as you do for me now so I'll make immemorial me soon to work and my (future) H & M clothes itself with umdesignen little things not quite so elaborate aufhübschen. I'm already excited to see what comes out. My current days bestandt chiefly to keep warm and drink lots of cafe. I wish you a nice evening ... And to all the new readers welcome to my blog, I am mad. up your morning ... Lisa