Friday, February 4, 2011

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Birthday Song ... Here

This blog sticks I picked up at the Strickliesel .

The point is, what song on your birthday in your birth year
at # 1 was and how long this song has kept on the charts.

My song is

Terry Jacks
04/22/1974 - 06/09/1974 (7 weeks)
06/17/1974 - 06/23/1974 (1 week)

- Go to and click on the Song searched on "Date", where you give your birthday and then click on "search"

- Now appears below which song, your song - the song of your birth was constantly on the radio

- Copy and paste the song and the number of weeks It was in the charts in your blog post

- Next, go to and search for your song and also post this in your post

- you'll be happy to write if you the song at all know

- Ready


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