Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simpson Slippers Ebay

I oute ......

... love is just too strong ... to this cute little polka dot thing ... I could zutupfen all ...
... although I now already had a wicked glimpse of an 8 year old! and the following must
can quote me go through, "ooooooohhhh Mom, you always fly with your mushrooms!" * Groan *
Now I have in the past few days exclusively with "in-the-Hoop Files busy and my first Designed with integrated zip file. So far, I had the thing that is not really familiar with using the slogan: "Not that I am such a file before the machine blows a loud zipper!"
Papperlapapp ..... all nonsense, as it turns herausstellte.Alles works ... and the sweat of the brow on without fear.
today so ever, a first design example. Some others are already finished and still need a test drive process ..... and then they walk into the shop for you. Various sizes with different designs for different applications. I think by the weekend it will be done.
I keep you posted.
And now off to bed, the night is short ....


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