Monday, February 7, 2011

How Long Do It Take An Iritis To Heal

this section ...

... I'm already half a year ago Some bags made ... sold it and made one for myself. So far so good ... but I was missing since tuned a few small pockets. Actually, I always throw everything clean in your pocket, but mobile phone and keys (the important things which) that are found in the shallows then really bad again ... now I have again and changed the range is cut slightly. So I can get even from the outside well and quickly gave the outside there is a new section with two small bags, one large zipper pocket and the zipper is a little more moved up, this time not two but only one shoulder strap ... and came out that:
A new Ebook.
In the name issue, there were only one possibility: I have called it Luna ... it is my favorite bag pattern that I've sewn me ... like my mouse is the dearest in the world!
now need a few more photos will be edited and then it goes online.
Here is ever an insight for you:

you all a great start to the week ...
GLG Heike


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