Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weddings Readings Funny

A THANK YOU for YOU ... The versatile

... Some time ago I once looked at my counter and was standing on the verge of 13,000. So I thought if the 13 000 are achieved is something for you ... but ... as is often exceeded 13,000 and it is ... no time for nothing .... ok then I'm just at the 14,000! If you ever take a look at the counter, then I would have to duck me, for the 14 000 is also passed a long time. The last chance you forward a small thank you for looking, was the idea: the 100th READER.

The 100th Regular readers yesterday was the first time to visit my virtual home. and today it is about time .....

An Appli-template for a lousy weather rubber boots .... because the weather here just to seduce such a thing to apply. I hope you like it ... and by the way ....
... I would be happy animal on one or the other image of your Sauwetter instance.
A CLICK ON IMAGE and already you can print you the PDF file.
I say again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the dear readers and wish you apply a lot of fun.
For all the love there can embroider from the boot
tonight in my shop at the super special price!
GLG Heike


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