Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whatwould Pokemon Look Like With Genitals

That is soooo mean!

I've got a package today with sooooo many Zaubärschätzen BUT! I may not open! * * Schmollllll BECAUSE it's a birthday package and I 1: the order of the world's sweetest of all dispatcher (bee) I open it until the right day! And
2: Man of the House has pointed to previously forbidden me a look. Now I sit here and have another 6! loooong days to wait. Is not mental cruelty? If you can sue for it ????? Where do I send the written complaints,? Here is the object of desire! Menno * * Habs now times out of self-protection reasons some housed outside of my sight and reach. Is actually no different, "DA do nothing!" * Grin *
But at least I can make you a little "eyes pleasure" I hope! They are wood particles from yesterday, still have a few left, ma look what am I doing out there ...
and you dear bee today even a big, fat, glitzeriches, elfenpulvriges thank you !!!!! Can expect not so real! (But that have determined over the phone or have noticed?) Oh I hope so sooooo much for you that your internet is working again soon! You have sooo many treasures gezaubärt determined again!
And their loved ones out there: Please never send a package from Spain maybe ADVANCE, so that the poor recipient is eternal anguish felt exposed! , 0)
Knooootschys to you all! , 0)


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