Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philips Steame Cooker

gifts of little elves

Soooo your loved ones! Here is the mysterious package revealed .... I was sooo "flashed," could not unpack everything at once ....
treasures of treasures I have to light may promote ...
sooooowas Everything is wonderful from the real words fail me!

Stöffchenzauber, paper treasures, Glitter, Glöcklich, Knöpflich .... It even has not stopped! Did I also thanked quite bärsönlich but once again because I can not believe it still can: "My very favorite Zaubärelfchen I thank you wholeheartedly for the treasures and wonderful treasures I was kind overwhelmed and still am big fat neverending Knooootschy! SCHMATZ !!!!! * *, 0)

And then there was a 2 mega-ter at surprisingly treasure fluttered into the house ...." What's that? "Studio of Fine mhhhh things ... that is surely only be of Sylvie."
too you my dear little Swapelfe! 1000 thanks for the Übäraschungspost. This I had expected not so. Everything is quite magical and I was really cut from the stool! Big fat Knoootschy to you! And I will avenge me ... When did you birthday? * Wink *, 0)
lovelies are really the absolute OBÄRKNALLER! I'll press again sooo fast to my little heart! 'm Still quite finished ... (in a positive sense of course!)
Oh when I will next year have liked (again / again?) 18!
Wishing you all a wicked nice glitter week! , 0)
Let there you go!


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