Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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update the new apartment

A cactus of the U.S. for good luck. A symbol of a new beginning I just love to want to argue with my treasure. Since I do not have with plants and have no real green thumb. Was it clear that I am buying a cactus that you only water once a month and that's practically what I thought. In the potting soil our happiness € was put into it. The beloved one has found a few months ago and he was so dirty and bent that we have decided this is our good fortune € .. This will bring us money and bring financial luck. Our love should also be here so I stuck a wooden heart on a cactus leaf. This small cactus is our lucky charm and is currently on the windowsill in the living room ......

This is our temporary living room until we feel a different corner sofa and coffee table have another. It however lacks some of the most corners. But my love and I do not give up. We fear that it take until the end of the year will have everything ready until we (really) everything. Because we already missing a few pieces of furniture and the money must of course also be there first. For starters, it's OK ....

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stuff I've done it in the closet but for me to wait several boxes full of clothes and mountains of clothes is unbelievable to me. Only now I realize that I really zuuuuu many clothes and I knew nothing of it: D höhö. You'd think I was a fashion MESSSIIIIII! I will definitely need a few hours for anything in the wardrobe to hang in. ...

and all I have before me!

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I hope you are it all good. I shall quickly jump into the Arcarden and look at H & M over and hit my head on the DM coupon because I need Schminkiii carnival. Then wander a bit on the Frankfurt and have given the evening hopefully my closet tidy. I wish you another beautiful day. Take care of yourself on your .... Lisa


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