Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I Do A Pregnancy Test On Dianette

* * * * * * Nimuuuhe

A wuuuhnderschöner Sunday greeting to you dear ones! What do you think well what is this creature? Mhhhhh ..... übärlegen times ...
So I knew it's the same! This is a manatee named Nimuuuhe. Highest these rare creatures are manatees, they are just sooooo bärkommt so here is rarely seen (or before the Knipselinse.)

more thing but soooooo great love creatures. Mannerly gorgeous into the bargain. And quite heavy. But manatees are indeed the rest away. Gemüüühtlichkeit is their highest virtue, and that is just on the Sunday also announced real time, right?
Wishing you a totally gemüüühtlichen Sunday lovelies!
Muuuhknoootschys! , 0)
Mhhhh actually manatees're herd animals ...


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