Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cut On Elbow It Is Hot

darlings of the day ... Have

I got caught totally, I've caught cold: (and just now I am lucky I hate to be sick, but as I do now.! well-. The problem is, I never go to the doctor. cough was a permanent feature of my juice today but lie on the sofa was not! My favorites of the day in any case, these cute earrings from H & M that I have this week purchased. I saw it, took it and bought it. Turquoise is the color belongs to me every summer to simply. In general, blue tones with summer white I find it particularly great. Bright colors are for me anyway, to this season. What colors are your summer colors?
Now that I think of it, I have still not at my birthday show gifts! This morning I will catch up on. I fool:) I am glad, however, much to the shimmering sun rays flash forth in our apartment. The bright colors of the outside world like a splash of color we can look ..... all counting the days, we are excited and are patient even if it's difficult. By morning and good night ...


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