Friday, March 4, 2011

Recent Developments Emphysema

sample Ticker wanted!

Hello my friends ...
I look again a couple of hard-working helpers, the time to test a new series.
Who is interested in leaving to Saturday evening just a comment under this post ... or mail me via the contact form: here
The series will go online next Wednesday.

following conditions should be met:
* Your asks me photos of your sewn / embroidered parts for public use available
* You have a blog you have on you your design as published
your * my shop set in your blog link
* you do not already should be solid sample embroiderer of another file provider.

Anyone who would like simply logs in! The series of course you are allowed to keep and use the embroidered motifs with the parts ... just not a patch on a commercial production! Here you'll find more info to use!

Maybe even find some helpers ...


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