Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prolapsed Womb During Pregnancy

draw + farewell

Dear friends! The draw is completed. Killed to make very briefly: The winner is comment number: 4 of "Biwubär! My heartiest congratulations my dear need quickly your mailing address so that it arrives before Christmas to you. , 0) And then there still a novelty. "Teddy's creative" In the latest edition of a section of mine;
Soooo here and now probably the last show you what I will, my hand-felted flowers with a built-glitter. (For this I've used for 1 week ...)

the blue I thought to myself, actually the sound NEN wanted to sew, but I'm unfortunately nothing more.
As demanded so much from me this year has a lot has changed and I have less and less time I take my leave of you here first. The blog is (for now?) Persist, but as I said I'm pretty exhausted. It has changed so much ...
My husband was shocked when I told him I would give up the blog, (and sew the bear) but unfortunately it is no different. Perhaps it is better (in the next year?) I do not know ...
I thank all of you for your comments, visits and support. Each one was beautiful to read. I wish you a merry Christmas and all the best, happiness and health in the new year.
your Tues


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