Thursday, December 2, 2010

Frostbite Baby Cheeks

2 day project

a shiny new Schmuckyteilchen! Last night started and just finished.
with hand-sewn satin roses, beads, scraps of paper, antique Spitzchen, hangefärbten ribbons and flowers of the sweet old flea market.
The pictures I've worked with various programs, wanted to try it once and I think that brings FUN! Total!
The Inner life is pimped! I have not only the cover, but also the soil as "pin cushion" worked. So to say such a "NichtnurhĂĽbschanzusehensondernauchnadelkissenbox"
Soooo here again an interior picture. (That it does believe me! Gell?)
your loved ones, I wish you still ne fine rest week and not soooo much snow as us! Come out of the shovels do not get out ...
Knoooootschys! , 0)


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