Friday, November 26, 2010

Why Alexis Texas Dont Do Black

sneak Peeekse Flohstöbärn

I luv you so smooth denied what treasures I daletzt fell into his hands. They are for me the full "childhood memory flowers". and had no doubt that that, even a nostalgic feeling really entrust to me when I saw them! (Too bad that the nice ladies are not even in light blue had ....)
Here's a little sneak peak le which I am struggling at the moment totals; (Had already discussed today by phone . must * hehe *)

And here are the other Kindheitsblümlich; The zaubärhaft are sooooo soft and the beige-colored look like velvet. So light hair; All love!
Well, I'll blog a week, probably not, but when it's time permits and I won my fight I sign up again. (And I win, too!)
Until then, you all have a good time! Push you!
Tue; 0)


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