Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Think I Might Be In Love With You Quotes


This sugar-sweet pin cushion has tinkered me my little elf, sewn, and decorated beglitzert. I've fallen from the clouds. They did it with sooooo much love!
("Extra for you mom because you are sooo cute (Spannungspause!) ... and vegetarian!"
The glass was here one day n vile coffee glass, the box next to it was once filled with a vegetarian spread. (He is soooo delicious so he is with us not very long preserved.)
Elfenbüble The plan was for some time and unadorned in flower pots. After painting and Beglitzerungskur sees it as much nicer! (War but employs 2 hours trying;! Well elves remain containing small bags) beglitzert Have each wing veins and the mini pompoms to the well heeled. And I also Mützle Dom '. Here again the Vegiedose and a new cake. (Of course, beglitzert; Wat mut dat mut!) And now I'll just get a bit more closer to the new system.
Did my vicinity next to the Ooshulumm! Namely more Zaubärwesen a new thought.
A 12-ling. (Zwööölfling!) For elves Gibts already ...
Wishing you and what a lot of creativity in the new week!
12lings-Knoootschys! , 0)


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